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优质超细纤维清洁布 6×6 和 12×12 – 超柔软麂皮触感无绒毛巾,适用于眼镜和玻璃 – 兼容 iPad、iPhone、平板电脑、电视、液晶显示、相机镜头(6 小号 – 2 大号,黑色)

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Price: ¥108.22
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:10:30 UTC – Details)

Looking for the softest and the most effective glass cleaning cloth, which will never leave a scratch and is big enough for any hand size?
Then look no further!

Extra thick screen and eyeglass cleaning cloth by SQV is a necessary accessory for any household.
100% safe to use on any surface including eyeglasses, sunglasses, TV, screens, computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, mirrors, shiny electronics surfaces, non-coated and multi-coated lenses, filters, binoculars, telescopes, jewelry, CDs and vinyl discs, and other delicate surfaces.
Designed by eyewear and lens manufacturer and tested by industry professionals!

Grab these best cleaning cloths on the market today!

MATERIAL: suede-like microfiber

Small cloth: 6 x 6 in (15 x 15 cm)
Large cloth: 12 x 12 in (30 x 30 cm)

6 Small & 2 Large Pack: each cloth individually packed in a separate OPP bag. Then all the 8 cloths are packed together in a resealable poly bag.
12 Small & 2 Large Pack: each cloth individually packed in a separate OPP bag. Then all the 14 cloths are packed together in a resealable poly bag.
6 Large Pack: each cloth individually packed in a separate OPP bag. Then all the 6 cloths are packed together in a resealable poly bag.
24 Small Pack: All the 24 cloths are packed all together in one OPP bag and a resealable poly bag.
48 Small Pack: All the 48 cloths are packed all together in an OPP bag and a paper box.

Get this awesome cleaning accessory now, a pack for yourself and one for your friend!
Once you use it, you’ll never want to use another brand!

! Click “Add to Cart” right now before we run out of stock !
★ 6 件小和 2 件大衣服 – 单独包装 – 您目前正在查看包装,其中包括 6 件小布料,6 x 6 英寸(15 x 15 厘米)和 2 件大 12 x 12 英寸(30 x 30 厘米)的布。 每块超细纤维布都包装在一个单独的玻璃纸袋中。 清洁布有 3 种美丽的颜色:黑色、灰色和粉色。 使用价格指示器下方的产品选择器选择包装和您想要的颜色。
★ 2 件装完美尺寸 – 忘记那些廉价的小碎面料穿过您的手指! 小号和大号 SQV 抛光布设计足以让您舒适无忧使用。 使用 6×6 英寸(约 15.2×15.2 厘米)小号微纤维布清洁眼镜、太阳镜、镜头、光学器材、手机、平板电脑和小型屏幕。 使用12×12英寸(约30.5×30.5厘米)大尺寸清洁大型电脑屏幕、电视、液晶显示屏、高清和大型玻璃表面。
★ 可机洗,无衬里 – * *用于眼镜、太阳镜、电视、液晶、高清屏幕、电脑、笔记本电脑、平板电脑、手机、精细电子产品、镜子、摄影相机、镜头、手表、珠宝、金和其他精致表面。 兼容 iPhone、iPad、MacBook。 优质超细纤维布,只需轻轻擦拭即可去除油脂、指纹和污垢,无需任何化学湿巾或清洁剂! 当布料变脏时,只需用温水清洗即可,就会像新的一样。
★ 由光学制造商设计 – SQV 是一家专业的眼镜和镜片制造商,在该领域拥有超过 20 年的经验。 我们所有的产品均在美国设计,符合*高质量标准,采用优质材料,经过行业专业人员测试,*比竞争对手更耐用。 我们确信您一定会喜欢这款超细纤维布,不会用其他任何东西清洁您的眼镜、镜头或屏幕。 现在就点击”加入购物车”吧!


★ EXTRA THICK WITH SOFT SUEDE LIKE FEEL – The SQV cleaning microfiber cloths are made of high-quality lint-free tightly woven fabric. Made thick this suede like cleaner absorbs moisture, polishes and removes 4 times more dust, oil smudges, fingerprints, and dirt than inferior competitors. Try this ultra fine extremely soft cloth yourself and feel the difference. You will never buy another brand!
★ 6 SMALL & 2 LARGE CLOTHS – INDIVIDUALLY PACKED – You are currently looking at the package, which includes 6 small cloths of 6×6 in (15×15 cm) and 2 large cloths of 12×12 in (30×30 cm). Each micro fiber cloth is wrapped in a separate cellophane bag. The cleaning cloths come in 3 beautiful colors: black, grey and pink. Choose the pack and the color you like using the product selector under the price indicator.
★ PACK OF 2 PERFECT SIZES – Forget about cheap tiny pieces of fabric that slip through your fingers! Both, small and large SQV polishing cloths are designed big enough for comfortable worry-free use. Use the small size microfibre cloth of 6×6 inch for cleaning of eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, optics, phones, tablets, and small screens. Use a larger size clothe of 12×12 inch to clean large computer screens, TV, LCD, HD and large glass surfaces.
★ MACHINE WASHABLE & LINT FREE – 100% safe to use for eyeglasses, sunglasses, TV, LCD, HD screen, computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, fine electronics, mirror, photo camera, lenses, watch, jewelry, gold, and other delicate surfaces. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, MacBook. Best microfiber cloth to remove oil, fingerprints and dirt with just a swipe and without any chemical wipes or cleaners! Just wash the cloth in warm water when it gets dirty and it will be like new.
★ DESIGNED BY OPTICS MANUFACTURER – SQV is a professional eyewear and lens manufacturer with over 20 years experience in the field. All our products are designed in the USA to the highest standard of quality, made with premium materials, tested by industry professionals, and are guaranteed to outlast our competitors. We are sure you will absolutely love this microfibre cloth and will never clean your eye glasses, lense or screen with anything else. To enjoy it press ‘Add to Cart’ now!


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