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Are you still intolerant of these things?
体积小,容量大:这款小垃圾桶可以随意折叠,节省空间。 折叠状态仅高 1.2 英寸,拉伸时高 7.8 英寸。 容量为 0.53 加仑/2 升,占用空间更少,容量更大。
用途广泛:这款汽车垃圾桶可以多种用途。 它不仅可以作为垃圾篮、雨伞桶和水桶使用,还可以用作便携式户外垃圾桶。 您可以用它来清理旅行或度假期间产生的垃圾。 它*是您的汽车必需品,无论在汽车上、家里、户外或办公室,它都能为您带来良好的体验。
方便固定和存放:您可以将这款皮革垃圾篮挂在汽车的齿轮杆上或任何带有挂钩或绳子的地方,这样方便您各种放置需求,即使在驾驶过程中也能保持稳定。 这款可爱的自动垃圾桶也非常适合收纳杂乱的物品,尤其是孩子的玩具。 这是一个很好的汽车收纳包。
卓越的兼容性与质量*:我们为需要整洁有序的汽车内饰的人们提供有效的解决方案。 这款汽车垃圾桶普遍适用于汽车、越野车、卡车、小型货车甚至船舶。 如果您对我们的产品在售后有任何疑问,请直接向我们发送电子邮件,我们承诺为每位客户提供高质量的产品和服务。 请放心购买。


ODOR-FREE WATERPROOF PLASTIC MATERIAL:Our trash container for car is made of leather material, odorless and durable. At the same time, this leak-proof design trash can can be used as a bucket for cleaning your car.
SMALL SIZE AND LARGE CAPACITY:This small trash can can be folded at will, which saves space. It is only 1.18 inches tall in the folded state, and 7.87 inches tall when stretched. It has a capacity of 0.53 gallons/2 liters, which takes up less space and has more usable capacity.
WIDE RANGE OF USES:This car garbage can has multiple uses. It is not only a trash bin for car that can be used as a waste basket, umbrella bucket and water bucket, but also a portable outdoor trash can. You can use it to clean up the garbage generated during travel or vacation. It is definitely your car essentials, whether in the car, at home, outdoors or in the office, it can bring you a good experience.
CONVENIENT TO FIX AND STORE:You can hang this leather waste basket on the gear lever of the car or anywhere with a hook or string, which is convenient for your various placement needs, and it can remain stable even during driving. This cute auto trash can is also suitable for storing messy items, especially your child’s toys. It is a good Car Organizer.
EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY AND QUALITY ASSURANCE:We provide effective solutions for people who need a neat and orderly car interior. This car trash bin is universally suitable for cars, off-road vehicles, trucks, minivans, and even ships. If you have any questions about our products after sale, please send us an email directly, we promise to provide each customer with high-quality products and services. Please rest assured to buy.


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