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可重复使用的空气炸锅衬垫,带凸起的硅胶|*产品 | 不含 BPA 的不粘硅胶空气炸锅垫 | 空气炸锅硅胶托盘配件 | 2 种尺寸可选 – 20.32 cm 圆形

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(as of Dec 02,2021 16:00:12 UTC – Details)

Waste money on a lot of throwaway parchment paper? Cost expensive to replace a new air fryer basket when the old one started to chip & peel? Worrying about the food is not cooked well at the surfaces contact with the liner? DEMEDO Reusable Air Fryer Silicone Liners can help you to solve these issues. Great gift for who like to cook. Everyone can fry like a pro with foods.

Smart Features
– Porous Design
The small and dense holes allow the heat air to cook the food more evenly, while also preventing food residues from falling into the fryer basket, reduce grease dripping on the bottom of your fryer basket, making your air fryer easier to clean
– 0.25 Inch Raised Dots
The raised design keeps the food 0.25 inches away from the air fryer mat, allowing the food to be heated more comprehensively, no need to turn over the food during cooking, saving you time and energy
– Made of Reusable Silicone
Non-toxic and BPA free food-grade silicone liner compared with parchment paper liner, it is not only environmentally friendly & recyclable, but also not scorched and fly up into heating element., very safe and convenient.

Package Includes
Two Pack of 8 Inch Round Reusable Air Fryer Liners (Red + Black)
If you have a bigger air fryer, we also provide the 9 inch air fryer liners, only choose the 9 inch option and order it.

– The maximum operating temperature for this air fryer liners is 460F / 240℃, can also be used as steamer liners, fried food tray on the table.
– Dishwasher safe. If you want to hand washing, only soak it in soapy water for a while then wipe it with a dishcloth. Washing with hot water will be better and cleaner.
– If your air fryer is smaller than our smallest size liner we provide, you can also cut the liner to fit your basket.

智能设计 – 柔软的硅胶凸起点,凸起0.25英寸(约0.6厘米),并改善气流,因此快速均匀地烹饪食物。 托盘升起,将食物与空气炸锅垫分开,以防止食物粘在衬里上,这可能会使垫子清洁困难。
应用广泛 – Airfryer 衬垫采用*高品质的食品级硅胶制成。 不粘、*、无双酚A,高度耐热高达460华氏度/ 240℃。 圆形空气炸锅衬垫适合 Ninja、Gourmia、Power XL、Chefman、GoWise 等。 它还可以应用于即时锅、蒸锅、电压力锅和对流烤面包机烤箱。
清洁轻而易举 – 让您的空气炸锅远离食物残留物,同时不影响空气炸机的使用寿命。 完全可用洗碗机清洗或您可以手洗
尺寸选择 – 直径 8 英寸 / 20 厘米,适合大多数圆形空气炸锅篮,如果有大或 XL 空气炸锅,您也可以选择 9 英寸(约 22.9 厘米)空气炸锅衬垫选项。 如果您仍然不知道要选择哪种尺寸的衬垫,请随时联系我们。


Ideal Replacement of Parchment Paper Liners – Save money on throwaway parchment paper or replacement air fryer basket. Our reusable air fryer liners are designed to protect your air fryer basket from sticking by food. It can also be used in the basket which the coating already came off, you don’t need to purchase the expensive replacement basket.
Smart Design – Soft silicone raised dots, 0.25 inch raised, and the improve airflow so cook food quickly and evenly. The tray lifts to separates food from the air fryer mat to prevent the food from sticking to the liner which may making the mat clean difficulty.
Wide Application – The Airfryer liners are made of the highest quality food grade silicone. non-stick, non-toxic, BPA Free, highly heat resistant up to 460F / 240℃. Round air fryer liners fit for Ninja, Gourmia, Power XL, Chefman, GoWise, and More. It can also apply to Instant Pot, Steamer Pot, Electric Pressure Cooker and Convection Toaster Oven.
Cleaning Is A Breeze – Keeps your air fryer free from food residue without compromising the lifespan of your air fryer. Completely dishwasher safe or you can clean it by hand washing
Size Selection – 8 inch / 20 cm in diameter, fit for most round air fryer basket, if have large or XL air fryer, you can also choose our 9 inch air fryer liners option. If you still don’t know what size liners to choose, please feel free to contact us.


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