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带挂钩电源探针的电路测试仪适用于 6v12v24v 直流电压低电压电路电气测试仪,带测试光连续性测试仪,用于电路故障检测和维护

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3. [ 6V 12V 24V DC 电压的电气测试仪:本电路测试仪的直流电压测试范围主要为低电压为 6V 12V 24V 。
2. 【挂钩探针测试仪】:保险丝测试仪具有独特的钩探针设计。 用户只需要一只手就能更方便地找到和修复电路。 只需轻轻拉动手柄,您就可以使用探针刺穿绝缘层并触摸铜线。 这使得检测更加方便和更快。
4. 【带测试灯的电气测试仪】本测试仪有一个指示灯,用户可以清楚地了解测试结果。
5. 【带测量线开关手柄的电气测试仪】线材测试仪配有开关手柄,主要用于使探针从钩子顶部突出,用于测试开关功能。


1.[ Circuit Fault Detection And Maintenance Circuit Tester]: This fuse tester is mainly used for low-voltage circuit fault detection and maintenance. It is suitable for transportation machinery such as automobiles, motorcycles, bulldozers, road rollers, and excavators.

3.[ Electrical Tester For 6V12V24V DC Voltage ]: The DC voltage test range of this circuit tester is mainly low voltage of 6v12v24v.

2.[ Hook Probe Tester ]: The fuse tester has a unique hook probe design. Users only need one hand to find and fix the circuit under test more conveniently. Just gently pull the handle, you can use the probe to pierce the insulation and touch the copper wire. This makes the detection more convenient and faster.

4.[ Electrical Tester With Test Light ]: This tester has an indicator light, which allows the user to clearly know the result of the test.

5.[ Electrical Testers With Measuring Line on-off Handle ]: The wire tester is equipped with a measuring circuit on-off handle, which is mainly used to make the probe protrude from the top of the hook to test the on-off function.


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