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超细纤维皮革粘胶方向盘套 – 通用 15 英寸防滑颗粒透气(蓝色)

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Price: ¥158.76
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:10:11 UTC – Details)

This steering wheel cover is made of durable super fiber leather and breathable anti-skid particles leather.It can accommodate most vans, sedans, SUVs, vans and trucks in any season.Non-slip design, easier to hold, providing perfect tactile experience.
1.Artificial leather, soft, wear-resistant, not easy to hurt hands.
2. breathable mesh design, breathable, cool, not easy to sweat.
3.Natural rubber health environmental protection, no smell.
4.Fine sewing, fine workmanship, expansion, not easy to deform.
5.Improved safety: Better steering grip, giving you more control on the road.
6. green material: non-toxic, environmental protection, health.
– Weight: 0.7kg.
– Material: Leather
– Size: normal steering wheel diameter 14.5 “/ 15.5”, compatible with 98% of cars
– Color: three colors
1. Align the steering wheel cover to the top of the steering wheel.
2.Tighten the steering wheel cover from top to both sides, from both sides to the bottom.
3. Fix and adjust bottom of steering wheel cover.
[ 独特设计 ] :超细纤维柔软皮革,透气防滑颗粒设计,柔软耐磨透气凉爽,是生日、圣诞节或任何其他适合送礼场合的完美选择。
【出色的手感和装饰】 超细纤维皮革防滑耐磨耐热透气网布使车轮套装更加渗透和吸汗,不仅为您提供完美的触感体验,还可以装饰您的方向盘,防止污渍和划痕,还可以隐藏现有的磨损,让您的方向盘看起来焕然一新。
[细节和功能] : 防滑设计,提供更好的抓握,让您更好地控制方向盘天然橡胶,*环保无异味,与其他同类产品相比,更*,*和稳定,耐磨,防滑,透气,适合所有季节,男士和女士。


[GENERAL SIZE] : This all-round microfiber soft leather steering wheel cover for both men and women ranges in diameter from 14.5 “to 15” and is suitable for most automotive steering wheels.

[UNIQUE DESIGN] : Super fiber soft leather with breathable anti-skid particles design soft wear-resistant breathable cool is the perfect gift choice for you on birthday, Christmas or any other suitable occasion to give people around.

【INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE 】 : Just cover it on the top of the steering wheel and hold the top of the cover with both hands on both sides gradually down and tighten.

【 EXCELLENT FEEL AND DECORATIVE 】: Microfiber leather antiskid wear-resistant heat-resistant breathable mesh to make the wheel set more with permeability and absorb sweat Not only to provide you with the perfect touch experience Also can decorate your car steering wheel, prevent stains and scratches, can also hide the existing wear, let your steering wheel look brand-new.

[DETAILS AND FUNCTIONS] : Anti-skid design, provide better grip, let you better control of the steering wheel natural rubber health environmental protection odor free compared with other similar products, safer, healthy and stable, wear-resistant, anti-skid, breathable, suitable for all seasons, men and women.


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