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黄色透明乙烯基 30.48cm x 30.48cm 透明乙烯基纸,适用于工艺品、剪贴簿、贴纸、贴花、窗户、水瓶,包括 Turner Moore Edition 12×12 蛋白石乙烯基(透明黄色,5 件装)

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Price: ¥106.74
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:36:43 UTC – Details)

Transparent Yellow Vinyl Adhesive by Turner Moore Edition™.

5-pack bundle of self-adhesive yellow vinyl. This yellow adhesive vinyl can be easily cut and applied to smooth surfaces and adds color and privacy to windows, a stained-glass effect. Our yellow transparent vinyl adhesive can be used on glass and casts beautiful colors lit by the sun.

This premium yellow vinyl offers impressive cutting and weeding properties as well as minimal shrinkage for permanent, durable applications that will last. Create decorative designs for shop windows, glass doors and glass-like surfaces. It’s an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor decals, signs, and office/home decor projects.

Better value than Oracal vinyl 651 and Expressions permanent vinyl.
Turner Moore Edition – 透明粘性乙烯基是一款3密耳的永久粘性乙烯基产品,在户外环境中额定使用5年以上。 优异的防紫外线性、耐高温、防水性、中等光泽、透明性、柔韧的粘合乙烯基。
适用于车窗、玻璃、玻璃器皿和玻璃杯 – 可放入洗碗机清洗! 用于制作捕光者等项目,在窗户上创造美丽的彩色玻璃外观! 也可用于汽车,适用于汽车灯着色膜、前后大灯、转向信号、雾灯和尾灯。 可以轻松去除,不会留下任何残留物。
非常适合室内和室外用于玻璃装饰设计,特别是发光标志和窗户图形、汽车贴花、字母、标牌、剪贴簿、玻璃、DIY、雪蒂杯、贴纸、手机盖、水瓶等。 干湿两用。
与所有工艺切割机和绘图机一起使用,包括Explore Air、Maker、Silhouette Cameo Portrait、Brother Scan n Cut、Robo Craft、Graphtec和所有个人工艺切割机。 用于切割绘图机的优质加工特性。 美国制造!


5 sheets of 12×12 transparent yellow adhesive vinyl + Bonus EXCLUSIVE 12″x12″ Gold Opal Vinyl Sheet (Exclusive color by Turner Moore Edition)–conveniently precut into 12″ x 12″ pieces. Ships flat!
Turner Moore Edition – Transparent adhesive vinyl is a 3 mil permanent adhesive vinyl product that is rated for 5+ years in an outdoor environment. Excellent UV durability, high temperature and water resistance, medium-gloss, transparent, and flexible adhesive vinyl.
Perfect on car windows, glass, glassware, and tumblers – dishwasher safe! Use to make projects such as suncatchers and create a beautiful stained-glass appearance on windows! Also used in automotive suitable for car light tinting film, front and rear headlights, turn signal, fog lights and taillights. It can be easily removed later on without leaving residue.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications for decorative design on glass, especially illuminated signs and window graphics, car decals, lettering, signage, scrapbooking, glass, DIY, yeti cups, stickers, phone covers, water bottles and more. Suitable for both wet and dry applications.
Use with all craft cutters and plotters including Explore Air, Maker, Silhouette Cameo Portrait, Brother Scan n Cut, Robo Craft, Graphtec, and all personal craft cutters. Premium processing properties for cutting plotters. Proudly made in the USA!


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