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2 件可重复使用的空气炸锅衬垫,8.5 英寸(约 21.9 厘米)方形不粘硅胶空气炸锅篮垫,空气炸锅配件适用于 5.8 夸脱(约 21.9 升)及更大空气炸锅(方形)

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Price: ¥109.26
(as of Dec 02,2021 15:24:57 UTC – Details)

Product Feature:
1.The reusable air fryer pad is designed to protect your air fryer basket and prevent food from sticking. With these air fryer liners, steamer liners, rice roll steamers or cake pan liners, you won’t have to scrape the basket or pan of your Air Fryer in order to remove excess residue.
2. The air fryer lining adopts a perforated design to ensure the best air circulation around the food, thereby achieving even heat distribution.
3. These air fryer liner can also be used as a food steamer liner, silicone trivet, or silicone mat in a crock pot or pressure cooker.

Color: blue, black
Material: Silicone
Size: 8.5 inches/ 21.6 cm
The package includes:
2Pcs Air fryer pad

【省钱】我们的可重复使用的硅胶空气炸锅垫可为您节省一次性羊皮纸或替换空气炸锅篮的费用。 穿孔设计,食物可以均匀加热。
【高品质】采用优质厚硅胶制成,柔韧光滑。 我们的硅胶空气炸锅衬垫经久耐用,可反复使用。
【易于清洁】使用我们的优质不粘硅胶衬里节省清洁时间。 完成烹饪后,只需手洗或放入洗碗机清洗。 防止食物粘黏,让清洁变得轻而易举。
【适合油炸锅】这些方形空气炸锅衬垫非常适合 5.8 夸脱(约 5.8 升)空气炸锅、烤箱和微波炉或 8 – 9 英寸(约 20.3 – 22.9 厘米)竹制或金属蒸锅,以及空气炸锅配件,如空气炸锅、空气炸锅或空气炸锅托盘。


【Perforated Design】 Our silicone air fryer liner adopts perforated design, which help to speed up the steam circulation in air fryers or steamers, ensure optimal air flow around food items for even heat distribution.
【Save Money】Our reusable silicone air fryer mats save you money on single use parchment paper or a replacement air fryer basket. Perforated Design, Food can be heated evenly and fully.
【High Quality】Made of premium thick silicone, flexible and smooth. our silicone air fryer liners is durable and can be used over and over again.
【Easy to Clean】Save time cleaning with our premium, non-stick silicone liners. After you’re finished cooking, simply wash by hand or put them in the dishwasher. Prevent food from sticking and make cleanup a breeze.
【Fit for Fryers】These square air fryer liners perfect for 5.8 QT air fryers, ovens & microwaves or 8-9 inches bamboo or metal steamers as well as air fryer accessories such as an air fryer pot, air fryer pan, or an air fryer tray.


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