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2 件装 – 优质合成粘土条海绵用于汽车细节 – 尺寸大 – 使用寿命比传统粘土块长 3 倍 – 完美的粘土块替代品,像 Ma

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Price: ¥129.28
(as of Dec 02,2021 15:00:03 UTC – Details)

质量证明,合成粘土海绵的使用寿命是传统粘土棒的 3 倍。 每次使用后,告别粘土条变形的麻烦。 这种细节的海绵完美适合手掌,非常实用。
持久耐用,将粘土海绵放在脏的商店地板上? 只需用清水冲洗海绵,就可以重新工作。 粘土海绵可以反复使用,以恢复涂漆、镀铬、玻璃和光滑塑料的光泽。
多用途应用:我们的粘土海绵可以和 Mother’s Speed 粘土和纳米皮肤海绵一起使用,同时去除各种汽车细节表面的污染物,如汽车漆、玻璃纤维和金属。
使用说明 请参阅产品描述,了解使用说明的提示。


JUST AS EFFECTIVE AS CLAY BARS The synthetic clay sponge effectively removes paint overspray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust, bird droppings, light oxidation, brake dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the surface of automotive paint, glass, moldings and plastic.
QUALITY The synthetic clay sponge is proven to last 3x times longer than conventional clay bars. Say goodbye to the hassle of clay bars deforming after every use. This detailing sponge fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for exceptional usage.
LONG LASTING Drop your clay sponge on the dirty shop floor? Simply rinse the sponge with clean water and you’re back in business. The clay sponge can be used over and over again to restore brilliance to paint, chrome, glass and smooth plastics.
MULTIPLE USE APPLICATION Our clay sponge can be used alongside Mother’s Speed Clay and Nano Skin sponges while removing contaminants from a wide variety of auto detailing surfaces such as your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal.
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Please see product description for tips on application instructions.


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