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8 件手持槽隙清洁工具 – 门窗轨道缝隙清洁刷盲清洁刷,窗户魔术清洁刷,适用于淋浴门、汽车通风口、空调、键盘、百叶窗

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Price: ¥117.99
(as of Dec 02,2021 15:21:29 UTC – Details)

Practical household cleaning brush combination, easy to hang up and clean, occupy less space, make you easily remove all dirt!


Scouring Pad Window Groove Cleaning Brush
Ultra-thin brush head design, easy to foam, has a strong decontamination ability, removable and washable.

Dustpan Cleaning Brush
2-in-1 mini brush & dustpan to clean and collect dust on window tracks, crevices.

White handle groove gap brush
Triangle shaped and pointed end can reach deep into all track sizes, such as the tracks of windows and sliding doors.

Swan shape window track cleaning brush
2-in-1 Design, comfortable to hold, brush end cleaning brush enough to sweep away loose dirt, the other end scraper to dislodge stubborn dirt in corners.

Window Blind Duster Brush
Double ended design blind cleaner can quickly clean window blinds, air conditioner blind, car blinds, prevents dust particles from whirling up and settling on another place on the floor.

Microfibre Venetian Blind Cleaner Tool
7 Slats design, convenient and effective to clean most types of blinds or similar objects, great for window blinds, vertical blinds, air conditioner blinds, awnings, etc.

Mini Home Cleaning Brush
Small design, light weight, can clean all narrow spaces.

经久耐用,易于存放:窗户清洁刷刷毛由尼龙制成,带 PP 材料手柄,握感舒适,灵活性强,耐磨,可长时间使用。 带悬挂孔可以挂起来,帮助您节省更多空间。
易于清洁:这些方便的清洁工具可轻松触及缝隙、角落、狭窄空间或裂缝,清洁不死角。 可水洗的 7 形手持魔术百叶窗清洁刷可一次性清洁六个百叶窗,无需再担心去除污垢的难度。 我们的门窗轨道清洁刷和威尼斯百叶窗刷可以干刷或湿刷,您可以根据实际情况使用。
多功能用途:非常适合清洁百叶窗、空调、汽车排气口、滑动门/淋浴门轨道、冰箱、瓷砖线、电脑键盘、风扇、燃气灶、水槽、镜子、水龙头、马桶开关、浴缸、窗户槽等。 非常适合去除顽固油脂和污渍。
套装包括:2 x 海绵轨道清洁刷、1 x 家用迷你刷、1 x 百叶窗刷、1 x 灰尘盘清洁刷、1 x 汽车排气除尘掸、1 x 手持凹槽缝隙清洁刷、1 x 带白色手柄的轨道清洁刷。


Professional Cleaning Tools:This is a professional cleaning tool specially designed for door window tracks, grooves gaps, corners. These hand-held cleaning brushes can meet your different needs and make your cleaning work easier and more efficient. Effectively save your time, money, energy.

Durable,Easy to Store: The window cleaning brush bristles are made of nylon with PP material handle, comfortable grip, have strong flexibility, wear resistance and can be used for a long time. With hanging hole can hang up and help your save more space.

Easy to Clean:These convenient cleaning tools can easily reach into crevices, corners, narrow spaces or cracks, clean no dead ends. Washable 7 Shape Handheld Magic Blind Cleaning Brush can clean six blinds at once, no longer worry about the difficulty of removing dirt. our set of Window Door Track Cleaning Brush & Venetian Blind Brush can be dry brushed or wet brushed, you can use it according to the actual situation.

Multifunctional Usage:Great for cleaning blinds, air conditioner,car vents, sliding door / shower door tracks, refrigerators, tile lines,computer keyboards, fan, gas stove, sink, mirror, faucet, toilet switch, bathtub, window grooves,etc. Ideal for removing stubborn grease and stains.

Package Include: 2 x track cleaning brush with sponge, 1 x household mini brush, 1 x window blind brush, 1 x dustpan clean brush, 1 x car vent duster, 1 x hand-held groove gap cleaning brush, 1 x track cleaning brush with white handle.


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