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Adam 标准泡沫枪 – 洗车和汽车清洁汽车细节工具用品 | 洗车套件肥皂洗发水和花园软管适用于厚水泥 | 无需高压清洗机 | 汽车细节工具

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Price: ¥336.70
(as of Oct 24,2021 20:54:21 UTC – Details)

Adam’s Foam Gun was designed for all who love having a clean vehicle. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and does not require a pressure washer. It easily hooks to any standard garden hose, so there are no additional tools or machines required. Most importantly, it effectively produces thick suds and will dramatically reduce the time it would take using traditional washing methods. Adam’s Foam Gun makes the perfect gift and becomes a weekly ritual that the entire family can enjoy!
✅ 令人难以置信的SUDS量 – 这种独特的设计提供快速连接的软管喷嘴,让您重新冲洗车轮、轮胎和其他外部组件,而不会让它们沾上洗发水! Adam 标准泡沫枪可产生丰富的洗泡沫,增加润滑度,以避免汽车清洗过程中任何不必要的刮伤。
✅ 32 盎司(约 946.6 毫升)罐装,可延长汽车清洁 – Adam 泡沫枪是完美的礼物,成为每周一次全家人都可以享受的仪式! 为了获得*佳效果,我们建议先加水,然后再加水 4-5 盎司您喜爱的汽车洗发水,将 32 盎司的罐子彻底混合! 如果您正在使用 Adam 的 Mega Foam,我们推荐 2-3 盎司(约 56.7 – 85.0 克)。
✅ 宽风扇喷雾器,*大覆盖范围 – 当您设置洗车泡沫枪时,您可以选择 3 个单独的计量喷嘴来控制您想穿过的肥皂数量(我们推荐)。 宽覆盖范围将显著减少您的洗涤时间,让您专注于清洗过程中的繁琐方面,让较大的大块衣物变得轻而易举!
✅ 110% 满意*和美国制造 – 在 Adam ,我们致力于为汽车护理行业带来优质的汽车清洁用品、汽车清洁套件、洗涤配件、超细纤维清洁布或毛巾、蜡、密封剂、陶瓷涂层、拖把、刷子、手套、海绵、车库工具、涂抹器和其他优质汽车清洁产品。 如果您不满意,请告诉我们,我们将尽一切努力使其正确!


✅ COST EFFECTIVE, NO PRESSURE WASHER NEEDED, & MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Looking to coat your vehicle in a thick layer of suds, but not wanting to break the bank? Adam’s Standard Foam Gun is very effective in cleaning your car. With every wash, Adam’s Foam Gun gives you a copious amount of car wash soap foam combined with the water pressure of your garden hose. It’s not as foamy as Adam’s Foam Cannon but its cleaning power is still very impressive!
✅ INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF SUDS – This unique design offers a quick connect hose nozzle to let you get back to rinsing your wheels, tires, & other exterior components without dousing them with shampoo! Adam’s Standard Foam Gun produces rich wash foam for increased lubricity to avoid any unwanted scratches during your car wash. Use it on all parts of your vehicle, such as your headlights, trim and car glass windows.
✅ 32 OUNCE CANISTER FOR EXTENDED CAR CLEANING – Adam’s Foam Gun makes the perfect gift and becomes a weekly ritual that the entire family can enjoy! When using the foam gun for optimal results, we recommend adding your water first, then 4-5 ounces of your favorite car shampoo to thoroughly mix through the 32-ounce canister! If you are using Adam’s Mega Foam, we recommend 2-3 ounces.
✅ WIDE FAN SPRAYER FOR MAXIMUM COVERAGE – When setting up your car wash foam gun, you’ll have the option of 3 separate metering tips to control just how much soap you want to run through (we recommend the MOST). The wide coverage will cut down your wash time significantly and allow you to focus on the more tedious aspects of washing and letting the larger chunks become a breeze!
✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & USA MADE – At Adam’s, we strive to bring the BEST car cleaning supplies, car cleaning kit, washing accessories, microfiber cleaning cloth or towels, waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings, mops, brushes, mitts, sponges, garage tools, applicators & other high-quality car cleaning products to the car care industry. If you are not satisfied, let us know & we’ll do everything we can to make it right!


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