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APQ 100 个装垃圾桶衬垫 33 x 40。高*天然垃圾袋 33×40。超薄袋 0.47 密耳。33 加仑 12 微米垃圾箱内衬,适用于办公室、卧室和厨房垃圾桶桶。

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Price: ¥210.55
(as of Dec 02,2021 15:23:35 UTC – Details)

33 Gallon Natural Clear Portable Bags.

Quantity: 100 pcs
Material: HDPE
Color: Natural
Wet Load: 25 lbs.
Dry Load: 50 lbs.
Width: 33 inches
Length: 40 inches
Gauge: 12 microns
Thickness: 0.47 mil

These sturdy bags protect and against leaks and trash messes. Featuring a star seal at the bottom, this 33 gallon can liner helps eliminate leaks, messes, and spills to make carrying the trash from the bin to the dumpster much easier. Star-sealed bottom distributes weight evenly and creates a seal up to eight times stronger than the film itself.
With a 12 micron thickness, this plastic poly bag is perfect for disposal of paper and other lightweight materials. Apply these moisture-resistant can liners for baby diaper waste, restrooms, hotels, amusement parks, office, restaurants, bedroom, bathroom, living room or outdoor recreation centers. Ideal for small- to mid-size businesses. Bags can also be used as laundry bags. You can rely on them to resist rips and tears.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Lightweight disposable liners are backed by 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied product you’ll receive your money back!
商品尺寸 ‏ : ‎ 101.6 x 83.82 x 101.6 cm; 1.8 公斤
制造商 ‏ : ‎ APQ Supply
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07WSJ7C2L
制造商参考信息 ‏ : ‎ GCLC334007

高品质: 这些超薄透明垃圾衬垫采用*优质的原材料制成,质量一致,非常可靠。 垃圾袋经过矿物强化处理,以增强其物理特性。 每个无芯垃圾袋都有一个高性能底部密封,防止泄漏。
坚固且合理: HDPE 包非常坚固且合理。 由于采用无芯卷包装,占用空间更小,携带更方便。 这些具有成本效益的袋子有星密封底部,这是*坚固、*防漏的密封。
应用: 这些塑料袋非常适合放在不需要重型袋的轻质垃圾桶中。 这些 12 微米的垃圾垫适用于厨房、浴室、卧室、客厅、办公室、婴儿尿布垃圾和清洁宠物的粪便。 可用于建筑工地、车间、户外垃圾桶、收纳袋等各种物品。 非常适合办公室、日托中心、学校和餐馆。
警告:无论罐衬不会被尖锐、尖锐或粗糙边缘损坏的地方都可使用。 如果您的物品边缘光滑,高*12微米垃圾袋是您的正确选择。


Pack of 100 GARBAGE CAN LINERS 33” x 40”: 33 Gallon Durable Wastebasket Liners are strong when used properly and handle higher load capacities than similar gauge Linear Low Density (LLDPE) trash liners at generally half the cost. These high density 12 micron garbage bags are easy to lift and carry, no breakable, more environmentally friendly. Thickness 0.47 Mil.
HIGH QUALITY: These ultra thin clear garbage liners are made from the highest quality raw materials that have consistent quality which makes them extremely reliable. Trash bags are mineral reinforced to enhance their physical properties. Each coreless trash liner bag has a performance bottom seal that resists leakage.
STRONG & REASONABLE: HDPE bags are very strong and REASONABLE. They take up less space and are more portable due to the coreless roll packaging. These cost-effective bags have a star-sealed bottom which is the strongest and most leakproof seal available.
APPLICATION: These poly bags are ideal for lightweight trash where a heavy duty bag is unnecessary. These 12 Micron garbage liners are suitable for use in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, baby diaper waste and cleaning pet’s litter. Can be used for a variety of things construction site, workshop, outdoor trash can, and storage bags. Great for offices, day care centers, schools and restaurants.
WARNING: Use wherever the can liner will not be subjected to sharp, pointy or rough edges that may puncture the liner. If your load has smooth edges, High Density 12 micron trash bags are the right choice.


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