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AUXSOUL 生命树水晶太阳捕手水晶球悬挂装饰棱镜彩虹制造者适用于家庭、办公室、花园装饰、窗户装饰悬挂装饰礼品

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Price: ¥127.22
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:23:38 UTC – Details)

优秀的设计: 水晶球棱镜捕光器吊坠由几个简单的水晶球和生命树组成。无需组装;悬挂时电线不会缠绕,美观无忧
完美尺寸和重量:约 20 英寸(约 50.8 厘米),净重:200 克。 高端设计师设计,手工制作,尺寸和重量恰当,为您提供*佳的视觉和触觉感觉。
适用场合:卧室、阳台、花园、浴室、窗户、桌上、树枝等室内室外均可使用的精致棱镜。 它也是一个不错的礼物。


Material Design: This Life Tree crystal prism pendant is made of Top Grade K9 Shiny and Flawless Crystals and alloy, super sparkly. Lear Crystal Laser Cut has a beautiful light-catching effect.
Excellent Product Design: The crystal ball prism suncatcher pendant consists of several straightforward crystal balls and Life Tree.No need to assemble; the wires will not be entangled when hanging, beautiful and worry-free
Perfect size and weight:About 20 inches in nw:200g.High-end designer design, handmade, just the right size and weight, give you the best visual and tactile sensation.
Applications: You can use these elaborate prisms both indoors and outdoors, such as bedroom, balcony, garden, bathroom, window, above the table, branches, and more. It is also a right choice as a gift.
Best gift: Best gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc.


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