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BONICI 女孩女士男士电镀软 TPU 手机壳,相机保护磁性环形支架,防震防刮,兼容 iPhone 11 Pro,全身保护 – 午夜绿

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Price: ¥94.34
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:50:10 UTC – Details)

车载磁性 – 保护壳背面有一个磁性环座,它会自动吸附在汽车支架上,驾驶时查看 GPS 更方便。
电镀设计 – 柔软的电镀 TPU 材料框架和背面环托使您的 iPhone 感觉金属,内部细纤维材料,屏幕保护(高出 0.5 毫米),多种颜色的外壳匹配您原来的 iPhone 的颜色,选择*合适的颜色!
全身保护 – 柔软的电镀 TPU 材料手机壳覆盖 4 个边缘,手感*,易于清洁,同时*大限度地减少跌落冲击。
全摄像头保护 – 覆盖相机区域,避免划痕。


Compatibility – Fits perfectly with iPhone 11 Pro.

Car Magnetic – There is a Magnetic Ring holder at the back of the case, it will be adsorbed to car bracket automatically, it is more convenient to view the GPS when driving.

Electroplated Design – Soft electroplated TPU material frame and ring holder at the back make your iPhone feel metalic, fine fiber material inside, Screen protection (0.5 mm higher than screen), various colors of the case to match the color of your original iPhone, choose the best matches!

Full-body Protection – Soft electroplated TPU material phone case covers 4 edges, great hand feeling and easy to clean, also minimize falling impact.

Full Camera Protection – Full cover camera area to avoid scratches.


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