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CAR CARE HAVEN 无水洗车 X 汽车细节无水(加仑 + 16 盎司(约 453.6 克) + 5 条超细纤维毛巾)快速细节 – 在车库、工作场所或任何地方清洗 – 喷涂和擦拭

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Price: ¥194.45
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:24:38 UTC – Details)

We all know that getting professional car detailing and washing is not time efficient in today’s busy world. In times of emergency, its best to keep a Waterless Wash in handy.

Car Care Haven has some of the best selection of Automotive Waterless Wash Products:

What’s Included:

Waterless Wash 128 oz Gallon
32 Oz Spray Bottle
5 Premium Quality Micro Fiber Wipes
Reasonably Priced Complete Kit

How to Use?

Ready to use: spray on dirt, grime
Agitate with wet towel to get extra Shine (Optional)
Wipe off with Microfiber wipes for scratch free and swirl free results
WIPE OFF WHILE STILL WET, once dry it won’t come off easily

Where to Use?

For Paint, Fiberglass, Metal, Glass, Clear Plastic, Ceramic Coating and more
For all autos, airplanes, motorcycle, truck, boat, RVs, bikes, etc.


Unscented and smell free
Safe for your Skin, Safe for the Environment
Use on your new or old cars
Professional Detailer Supplies for chemical free protection
Use on Exterior and Underbody
For vehicles with light dirt accumulation

Reduce water usage and create positive impact on environment by going waterless with your car cleaning.

Car Care Waterless Wash details paintwork, glass, bumpers, wheels, plastic trim, and engine bays without using any running water, caustic cleaners, or harmful chemicals. Use along with our Bug and Tar Remover for eliminating stubborn bug, tar and tree sap.

环保,节约水。 不只是洗涤,它是一款无水细节系统


🚘 For Paint, Fiberglass, Metal, Countertop, Vinyl, Plastic, Leather, Glass, Clear Plastic, and more

🚘 Ready to use: spray on dirt, agitate with wet towel wipe with microfiber towel.

🚘 Underbody and Exterior water less detail for autos, airplanes, motorcycle, coats, boats, bikes

🚘 Eco-Friendly, Saves Water. Not just a wash, it’s a waterless detailing system

🚘 Quickly remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges and road grime in seconds.


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