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Chase Grace Studio 雏菊自由嬉皮精神乙烯基贴花贴纸|白色|汽车卡车货车 SUV 笔记本电脑墙壁艺术|19.05 厘米 X 10.16 厘米|CGS786

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Price: ¥87.63
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:11:43 UTC – Details)

Our product is delivered to you in a paperboard mailer (not an envelope) that is designed to protect items from being bent or damaged during transit.
使用的材料抗紫外线和防水,采用*高品质的乙烯基制成,室外可维持 6 年。
每个订单均随附使用说明书。 您的贴花很容易剥离,如果*次拉杆时不将其粘在转印胶带上,慢慢地更换转印胶带并用手指推动或使用信用卡按压。


This is a single-color vinyl cut decal that does not have a background.
The material used is UV and water resistant made with the highest quality vinyl that will last 6 years outside.
This product can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces: vehicle windows, tailgates, home windows, mirrors, glass, interior walls, electronics, tool boxes, coolers, thermos, cups and binders.
Transfer tape that we use on our products is clear, which makes for easy application.
Easy to follow application instructions are included with every order. Your decal will peel apart easily, if it doesn’t stick it to the transfer tape the first pull, slowly replace the transfer tape and push it together with your fingers or use a credit card to press them together.


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