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Future Lab. N7 空气净化器,便携式空气净化器适用于家庭/旅行,可堆叠 N7S 并可调节,适用于不同尺寸的房间,可放置 Pm2.5/气味/香烟/颗粒。用于汽车/办公室/家庭过滤的旅行电离器(黑色)/USB供电/适合铜杯。

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Price: ¥293.80
(as of Dec 04,2021 07:24:43 UTC – Details)

【Future Lab. N7 Air Purifier】 – N7 is a portable air purifier to filter out dust, pollen, particles to make breathing a breeze. It Can be stacked with N7S to use in different sized environments. (home/office/car) without filter change needed for quick and convent usage.
【快速过滤】7.5CFM 强气压。 强力循环包装!
【有效】过滤异味 / 香烟 / PM 2.5


【Wide coverage】Stackable with N7S to comply with different operating environments. For a bigger room, just stack another!
【Portable】Travel size air filter that can be used in your car/fridge.
【Simple】No filter change needed to get instant fresh air!
【Fast filtration】7.5CFM strong air pressure. Strong circulation packed into one!
【Effective】filters out odor / cigarette / pm2.5


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