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Fxexblin 帐篷露营风扇 2 合 1 悬挂吊扇营灯遥控 USB 可充电便携式灯笼移动电源适用于户外家庭办公室台车

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Price: ¥213.43
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:10:41 UTC – Details)

【遥控器:3 档速度和灯光级别,定时】可以远程控制帐篷的露营风扇对您来说会更方便
【 USB 充电,长时间工作】电池驱动帐篷风扇内置 5200 mAh ,可支持在不同的风光状态下工作 6 – 25 小时。 可充电露营风扇可以通过插头充电、汽车、移动电源、笔记本电脑通过 Typ-C 充电。 它还配有 4 个电池指示灯,以显示剩余电池电量,并提醒您及时充电。
【便携、轻便且耐用】帐篷风扇灯组合易于携带,重量轻 15.6 盎司(约 447.9 克),小巧尺寸:6.8 * 6.8 * 5.4 英寸(与家用计算器尺寸类似)。 帐篷吊扇的材质是耐用的防跌落PP,不用担心意外掉落,可以包装在手提箱或背包中。
【不仅适合野营、室外室内】带挂钩的露营帐篷风扇可以挂在帐篷、树枝和墙壁上,让您享受凉爽的感觉和明亮的光线。 除了悬挂之外,其挂钩可以折叠站立使用 – 将其放在桌面上,您可以自由调节180度的吹角度。 带上它进行户外冒险,或与您一起在室内使用,满足您在露营、钓鱼、烧烤、野餐、汽车、家庭和办公室的需求。


【3 in 1: camping fan, led light, emergency power bank】It’s super useful for campers to take a 3 in 1 camping fans with light. Hand hold size with 3 main functions for outdoors: fan, lantern and emergency power supplies. Tent fans give you cooling wind, camping lanterns lights up dark night, power bank is for emergency mobile and computer powered off.
【Remote control: 3 speed & light levels, timing】It would be much more convenient for you that camping fans for tent with hanging hook can be remotely controlled. Adjustable low, medium, high wind speeds and 30%, 70%, 100% light brightnesses for your different situations with separate switches, so its set is more customizable. Also, you could set a working period for tent light fans–2/3/5 hours, when you sleep.
【USB recharge, Long time for working】DC5V-2A safe and fast charging,Battert powered tent fan’s built-in 5200mAh can support it to work 6-25 hours for different wind and light levels.Rechargeable camping fans can be charged by plug in charging and car, power bank, laptop through Typ-C. It also comes with 4 battery indicators to show the remaining battery level and remind you to recharge in time.
【Portable & Light Weight & Durable】Tent fan lights combo is easy to carry with light weight 15.8oz and compact size: 6.8 * 6.8 * 5.4inch (similar to a home use calculator size). The material of tent ceiling fan is durable drop resistant PP, don’t worry about accidentally drop and it can be packed in a suitcase or backpack.
【Not only for camping, Outdoor Indoor】The camping tent fan with hook can be hung on tents, branches and wall so that you can enjoy the cooling feel and bright light. Except hanging, its hook can be folded for stand using- place it on desk and you could freely adjust the blowing angle of 180 degree. Take it with you for outdoor adventure or company with you indoor, meeting your needs for camping, fishing, barbecue, picnic, car, home and office.


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