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Gold Paw Duluth 双羊毛狗狗外套套头衫 – 柔软温暖的狗狗衣服,四向弹力宠物毛衣 – 可机洗,四季 Garnet/Winter Mod 14

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Price: ¥321.85
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:54:03 UTC – Details)

将两件毛衣合二为一:这款双面抓绒狗狗外套采用双层抓绒面料制成,每天都能改变狗狗的风格。 这款优质狗狗服装可供您选择,将两件套毛衣合二为一。
多种尺寸可供选择:从 8 到 26 码的狗狗外套中选择,这样您所有的狗狗狗在外出冬季散步时都能拥有时尚的外观。
可机洗:这款可机洗的双面抓绒狗外套可以简化清洗狗狗衣服的过程。 只需清洗并悬挂这款美国制造的羊毛狗毛衣即可晾干。


4-WAY STRETCH: Keep your beloved pet comfortable and snug with this Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat Pullover that offers 4-way stretching and two layers of breathable 7% spandex fleece.

TWO SWEATERS IN ONE: Change up your dog’s style daily with this reversible fleece dog coat that is crafted with two layers of fleece. You get two sweaters in one with this premium dog clothing option.

MADE WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS: Go green when outfitting your small breed puppy or large dog in this dog coat that is made from recycled materials, offering your pet family an Eco-Friendly option on those cold winter days.

VARIETY OF SIZES: Choose from dog coats in sizes that range from 8 to 26 so all of your canine companions can don a stylish look when heading out for a winter walk.

MACHINE WASHABLE: Simplify the process of cleaning your dog’s clothes with this reversible fleece dog coat that is machine washable. Simply wash and hang this American-made fleece dog sweater to dry.


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