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Ladder Limb Fits into Ladder Rungs Holds Paint Tins Tool Bags Buckets Any Height

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Price: ¥222.69
(as of Oct 15,2021 07:16:07 UTC – Details)

The tapered, rubberised ‘limb’ of the LadderLimb fits easily into the side of the ladder, holding whatever is affixed to it safely in position. Working at different heights couldn’t be easier – just pull out this modern LadderLimb bucket hook and insert into another rung on either side of your ladder. Holds buckets and tools bags better than any paint pot hook with its secure spring clasp. Excellent ladder safety accessory.
只需将画罐之类的物品固定到 LadderLimb 夹上并在您所选高度处插入镂空
橡胶的瓢虫 ” 石膏体能紧贴在梯子里,可牢固地固定到墙上


Makes working up ladders safer by securely holding tool bags, buckets of water or paint cans securely in place leaving your hands free
Fits into the hollow rung of most modern aluminium ladders
Simply attach the item such as a paint can, to the LadderLimb clip and insert it into the hollow rung at your chosen height
Fits effortlessly into any of the hollowed rungs at either the left or right hand side of a ladder and at any height
Rubberised ‘limb’ of the LadderLimb fits snugly into the ladder, holding whatever is attached to it securely in place


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