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LIDSTOBALL *加厚可重复使用空气炸锅衬垫 – 20.32 厘米圆形不粘硅胶空气炸锅垫 – 风炸锅配件适用于美食家、忍者 Cosori、即时涡流、Power XL 等(2 件装)

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Price: ¥95.59
(as of Dec 04,2021 08:30:04 UTC – Details)

延长您的篮子的使用寿命。 随着时间的推移,篮子的不粘涂层会失去其效果,甚至会因擦洗而失去效果。 天然硅胶具有出色的防粘性能。 它可以有效减少食物粘在篮子上,减少摩擦并保持涂层完好无损。 帮助您节省更换篮子开支
经通风处理,可制作脆皮食物。 空气炸锅内衬根据空气炸机的工作原理设计。 它们经过穿孔以加速空气炸锅中的蒸汽循环,为您带来酥脆和风味的食物。
耐热食品级硅胶。 由不含 BPA 的硅胶制成,*无味,即使在高温下也不会产生有害物质。 炸鸡肉、炸薯条或牛排,您可以放心地食用
可重复使用,可用洗碗机清洗。 加厚硅胶可以承受反复拉扯和擦洗,这使其比一次性羊皮纸和普通硅胶衬里更耐用。 它们防水抗油脂,所以您可以简单地冲洗或将其扔到洗碗机中


NO MORE STICKY BASKETS. Bought an air fryer, but tired of the time-consuming cleaning up every time you use it? You need these ALL-NEW silicone liners. It prevents food from directly touching the bottom to reduce scorching and sticking. Thus, you can enjoy your food stress-free without the hassle of cleaning the dirty basket
PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR BASKETS. The non-stick coating of the basket loses its effect over time and even more so with scrubbing. Natural silicone has excellent anti-stick properties. It can effectively reduce food sticking to the basket, reduce scrubbing and keep the coating intact. Help you save money on replacing the basket
PERFORATED TO MAKE CRISPY FOOD. The air fryer liners are designed based on the working principle of the air fryer. They are perforated to speed up the steam circulation in air fryers, bring you crispy and flavor foods
HEAT RESISTANT FOOD GRADE SILICONE. Made of BPA Free silicone, it is non-toxic and odorless and does not generate harmful substances even under high temperature. Fried chicken, fries or steak, you can enjoy them with confidence
REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE. The thickened silicone can withstand repeated pulls and scrubs, which makes it more durable than disposable parchment and regular silicone liners. They are waterproof and anti-greasy, so you can simply rinse them or just toss it in the dishwasher


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