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MEWANT 丰田陆地巡洋舰 1995-2002 人造皮革方向盘套

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Price: ¥249.64
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:59:32 UTC – Details)

★ 适用车型:适用于丰田 Land Cruiser 1995-2002(由于每个国家的汽车型号名称有所不同,因此我们提供的汽车型号仅供参考。 请检查原来的方向盘照片,确保它与方向盘相同。 如果您不确定,请随时与我们联系。)
★ 定制:默认版本:12 点钟超细纤维皮革 + 黑色穿孔皮革 + 红色螺纹;Mewant 定制外壳 * 完美贴合您的方向盘,精准贴合,就像 OEM 一样。 如果您需要定制,请订购定制版本。
★ 手工时间和安装:定制方向盘套为手工定制,通常我们将在 4 至 5 天内安排发货。包含说明书,安装这个方向盘套大约需要 1-2 小时;自己手工缝制。有一步的安装视频
★ 保修:自购买之日起,我们提供 1 年保修期。 如果您的保护套在此期间日常使用中损坏或破旧,我们将免费为您重新寄送一个新的。 所有信息将在 24 小时内回复


★ Material: Made of microfiber leather, easy to clean, durable and comfortable.

★ Suitable car model: Fit for Toyota Land Cruiser 1995-2002 (Because of the car model names are different in each countries, so the car models that we offer are only a reference. Please check the original steering wheel photo, make sure it is the same as your steering wheel. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact us.)

★ Customization: Default version: 12 o’clock microfiber leather + black perforated leather + red thread ; Mewant customized cover 100% perfectly fit your steering wheel, precise fit just like the OEM. If you need to custom, please order custom version.

★ Handing Time and Installation: Custom steering wheel covers are customized by hand, usually we will arrange delivery within 4 to 5 days.Instructions are included, It takes about 1-2 hours to install this Steering Wheel Cover; Hand Sewing by yourself.there is installation video step by step

★Warranty: We offered 1 Year Warranty Period from the date of purchasing. If your cover was damaged or shabby in daily use during this period, we will resend you a new one for free.all messages will be answerd within 24 hours


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