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NiuGuy 12V 直流开关电源 360W 30A,通用调节变压器 AC 110V-220V 至 DC 12V,适用于 LED 灯条,3D 打印机,*,收音机,计算机项目

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Price: ¥208.71
(as of Dec 02,2021 15:20:45 UTC – Details)

☞ Quickly understand our switching power supply performance.
 High-power 360W switching power supply, support 110~240V AC input, convert to 12V DC regulated output, suitable for indoor DC power distribution, support 0~30.0A (max) projects, strong versatility, wide application range, silent cooling fan, Long-term standby without safety hazards, simple-convenient-fast installation, in line with European safety regulations, to ensure safe electricity use!

☞Power applications:
Industrial automation machinery.
Industrial control system.
Mechanical and electrical equipment.
Electronic instruments,equipments or apparatus

☞Power Supply Product Features:
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC / 50-60HzV.
Power: 360W, Constant Voltage.
Output Voltage: DC12V 0~30A(Max).
Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 second
Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan
LED indicator for power on
100% full load burn-in test
High operating temperature up to 65℃
Voltage regulation: (Full load) ≦0.5%.
Safety protection: Output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection.
High efficiency,long life and high reliability
International certification: CE,ROHS.
Dimensions: 8.46“x 4.5”x 1.96“(215mm x 115mm x 50mm).

☞Package Included:
1 * “NIUGUY”360W-DC12V30A Power supply.

Make sure to connect the wires according to the potential indication, and do not disassemble the power supply shell at will.
Warning: indoor use, make sure the wiring is safe and prevent the risk of electric shock

✅ 【快速接线,易于安装】:请参考电源端子的标签,任何人都可以快速连接项目,电源尺寸:8.5 英寸 * 4.5 英寸 * 2 英寸(长 * 宽 * 高)
✅ 【稳定恒压直流 12V 输出】:电源将交流电源转换为直流 12V 30A 恒定电压,适用于任何 12V 0~30a (*大)低压直流电项目。
✅ 【静音塔式冷却风扇】:确保长期电源待机,安静冷却,控制温度上升,无噪音,无隐藏的*危险。
✅ 【** – 多重效应电气保护】:智能设备浪涌保护、过载保护、过压保护、短路保护、过热保护、符合 CE、ROHS *要求,确保电力*。


✅【Strong versatility and wide application】:Support 110V~240VAC AC input voltage, widely used: Industrial automation machinery, Industrial control system, Mechanical and electrical equipment, Electronic instruments, equipment or apparatus.
✅【Quick wiring, easy to instal】: Refer to the label of the power terminal, anyone can quickly connect the project, power supply size: 8.5in * 4.5in * 2.0in (L * W * H)
✅【Stable constant voltage DC 12V output】: power supply converts AC power to DC 12V 30a-constant voltage, suitable for any 12V, 0~30a (max) low-voltage DC project.
✅【Silent Tower Cooling Fan】: Ensure long-term power supply standby, Quiet cooling, control temperature rise, no noise, and no hidden safety hazards.
✅【Efficient-Safety-Multi-effect electrical protection】: Smart device surge protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, meet CE, ROHS safety requirements, Ensure electricity safety.


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