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Samsung 三星级联壁式文件收纳袋,Classrom 组织和存储,6 个可拆卸聚乙烯悬挂文件夹,Command Center Wall 收纳袋,灰色带各种时尚彩色文件夹

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p>Organizing paper can become a disaster without the proper organization and storage tools. Whether you are organizing your classroom, home office, command center, or work office – our hanging file folder is the right product for you.
可定制的前盖 – 透明覆盖层与前盖无眩光处理,让您轻松完成您的文件夹的定制。 前盖可用于月历、学校纸等。
书写和擦除彩色标签 – 不再有小纸板件或粘性白色标签,一遍又一遍地定制您的文件夹标签! 只需使用 Sharpie 记号笔在标签上写字,并在完成后擦除
可拆卸文件夹 – 每个文件夹都可以轻松从底部取出 每个文件夹都包含一个可折叠的翻盖,以保护您的纸张,防止它们掉落。
附加功能 – 每个收纳袋都内置一个用于悬挂的手柄,一个松紧带用于在运输过程中固定文件整理袋,每个单个文件夹可拆卸


Office and School Supplies _ Whether you are organizing your classroom, an office, or an at home command center, this hanging file organizer is the only paper solution you need. Organize assignments, bills, mail, etc.
Customizable Front Cover – Clear overlay with non-glare finish on front cover allows for complete customization of your file folder with ease. Use the front cover for monthly calendar, school papers, etc.
Write and Erase Color Tabs – No more small cardboard pieces, or sticky white tabs customize your folder tabs over and over again! Simply write on your tabs with Sharpie marker and erase when done
Removable File Folders – Each individual folder can be removed from the base with ease. Included with each folder is a foldable flap to secure your papers and keep them from falling out
Added Features – Each organizer comes built in with a handle for hanging, an elastic band to hold the file organizer in place while being transported, and each individual folder is removable


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