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Skog Kust SwimSak 2 合 1 充气漂浮游泳浮和防水干燥袋

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Price: ¥236.26
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:36:12 UTC – Details)

露出水中的可视性:由轻盈而坚固的 PVC制成,SwimSåk 高度可见的黄色和反光标志有助于您在水上看到船只、喷气滑雪板、水上冲浪。 完美适合点到点游泳!
保持杆干爽:SwimSåk 的双封口干燥袋储物隔层具有向下卷和拉链锁密封。 为钱包、*、太阳镜、帽子和护目镜、跑步鞋、袜子、衣服和钥匙提供额外保护
无风险:在 Skog ′ Kust ,我们是防水旅行包领域的领导者,我们一定会爱上您的 SwimSåk。 我们非常自信,每款产品都提供满意*和终身保修服务。


2-IN-1 DESIGN: SwimSåk is smartly designed swim buoy that fastens to your waist with an adjustable belt and a tether line. The bag itself incorporates both an inflatable air chamber compartment, as well as a separate 10L dry bag space!

VISIBILITY IN OPEN WATER: Made from lightweight yet strong PVC, SwimSåk’s highly visible yellow color and reflective logo help you to be spotted by boaters, jet skis, paddlers, surfers while on the water. Perfect for point to point swims!

KEEP YOUR STUFF DRY: SwimSåk’s dual-closure dry bag storage compartment features both a roll-down AND a ziplock seal. Providing an extra level of protection for wallets, sunscreen, sunglasses, cap and goggles, running shoes, socks, clothes and keys

TRACK YOURSELF OR LOVED ONES: Put your cell phone in the dry compartment (we recommend always using a secondary waterproof case or ziplock bag) and track your swims, or share your location with loved ones so they can monitor and know you are safe.

SHOP RISK FREE: At Skog Å Kust we are a leader in waterproof and travel bags and we are sure you’ll love your SwimSåk. We’re so confident, each one comes with our satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.


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