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VLATUO 2 件装汽车*座椅缝隙填充整理器带 15W 无线充电(驾驶员一个),汽车控制台侧存储带杯座,PU 皮革汽车收纳袋适用于手机、太阳镜、卡片,一对

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Price: ¥280.50
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:35:01 UTC – Details)

【是否适合您的汽车? !】: [不适合超过 0.3 英寸(约 1.0 厘米)和厚于 6.5 英寸(约 16.5 厘米)的手机!请确保间隙小于 0.7 英寸/1.9 厘米,座椅比中控台低]。首次通电,10 秒后自动激活,然后将手机背面靠近控制侧充电。没有手机壳充电效果更好!
【扩展存储空间】:这款超棒的汽车座椅收纳包带杯架,在扩展空间方面发挥卓越性能,可存放您的杯子、钱包、香烟、手机、卡片、太阳镜和其他杂物。 我们的汽车座椅缝隙收纳架可以让您的汽车更加整洁干净,为您带来更好的驾驶体验。
【独特设计和工艺】:采用 ABS 塑料材质,整体成型 采用完美的PU皮革包装,不仅易于清洁,不易脱落,还增强了汽车内饰的奢华,防止异常噪音。特殊耐高温工艺使其不会在高温下脱脂。 VLATUO 设计,您的完美选择。
【*和方便】:这款汽车座椅的缝隙收纳架可以填补空隙并存储碎屑,防止物品掉落。 它有一个15W无线充电手机支架和一个开放式插槽。 当您的手机没电时,您不需要看着,只需将手机放入无线充电插槽即可充电。


🚔【FAST CHARGE YOUR PHONE】: The car seat gap filler engineered with built-in 15W Wireless charging of the driver’s one, the passenger’s one is a car gap organizer wrapped in high-quality leather.QC 3.0 car charger adapter as the power source of the wireless charger is necessary. Not suitable for mobile phones longer than 0.393in and thicker than 6.496in!And it only supports Qi-enabled phone.(Adapter is not included)
🚔【FIT YOUR CAR OR NOT ?!】: [Not suitable for mobile phones longer than 0.393in and thicker than 6.496in!Make sure the gap is less than 0.7in/1.9cm, the seat lower than the center console].First power on, automatically activate after 10s, and then put the back of the phone close to the control side to charge.No phone case charging effect is better!
🚔【EXTENDED STORAGE SPACE】: This awesome car seat organizer with cup holder,make a great performance in expanding the space to put your cups, wallets, cigarettes, mobile phones, cards, and sunglasses and other sundries. Our car seat gap organizer It can make your car more tidy and clean, and bring you a better driving experience.
🚔【UNIQUE DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP】: Made of ABS plastic material and is integrally molded. Wrapped with perfect PU leather, it is not only easy to clean and not easy to fall off, but also enhances the LUXURY of car interiors and prevents abnormal noise.The special process of high temperature resistance makes it not degumming at high temperature. VLATUO design,your perfect choice.
🚔【SAFETY AND CONVENIENT】: The car seat gap organizer can fill gaps and store debris to prevent items from falling. It has a 15W WIRELESS charging phone holder and an open slot. When your phone is running out of power, you don’t need to look away, just put the phone into the wireless charging slot to charge.


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