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VSafety Protect 员工和客户 – 面部覆盖标志 – 200 毫米 x 300 毫米 – 自粘乙烯基

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Price: ¥62.69
(as of Oct 16,2021 23:48:57 UTC – Details)

高度可见的设计,带有清晰的信息,展示了为确保所在地是 Covid-Secure,非常适合在所有类型的零售店展示 – 证明了对实施必要的卫生实践的承诺,以维持 Covid安全环境,明显比自印材料更专业的外观高度耐用 – 由耐用的刚性塑料或自粘柔性乙烯基制成,易于粘贴 – 两种标志类型都有自己的粘合剂,适合光滑无孔 表面。 刚性塑料标志可以用螺丝固定于其他表面(不包含)
非常适合展示所有类型的零售店 – 证明了执行必要卫生实践以保持 Covid*环境的承诺
高度耐用 – 由耐用的刚性塑料或自粘柔性乙烯基制成
易于粘贴 – 两种标志类型都配有自己的粘合剂,适合光滑无孔表面。 刚性塑料标志可以用螺丝固定于其他表面(不包含)


Highly visible design with clear messaging presents actions taken to ensure your premises is Covid-Secure
Ideal for display around all types of retail stores – demonstrates a commitment to enforcing necessary hygiene practices to maintain a Covid-secure environment
Significantly more professional in appearance than self-printed materials
Highly durable – made from either durable rigid plastic or self-adhesive flexible vinyl
Easy to apply – both sign types come with their own adhesive which is suitable for smooth, non-porous surfaces. Rigid plastic signs can be fixed to other surfaces using screws (not supplied)


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