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VViViD UV 反光隔热铝箔挡风玻璃遮阳罩

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Price: ¥99.47
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:20:32 UTC – Details)

Protect the interior of your car from harmful UV rays and keep your vehicle’s interior cooler with VViViD Foil Reflective Sunscreen. This highly portable screen fits easily in your windshield, thanks to the suction cups, and keeps the interior of your car up to 20 degrees cooler by blocking and reflecting UV light. Also, the soft nylon lining and straps, combined with the accordion folding design, allows this stream to fold down into a small and highly portable shape.
降低车内温度高达 20 摄氏度(40 华氏度),保护汽车内饰和车内免受有害紫外线*
尺寸为 49 x 23 英寸(约 124.5 x 58.4 厘米),包括一对吸盘,使屏幕适用于任何尺寸的挡风玻璃。
双层加厚保暖,正反两面都可以! 经久耐用,可多年无暇使用!


Blocks 100% of damaging UV rays and reflects 95% of heat from visible light.

Reduce interior temperature by up to 20 Degrees Celcius (40 Degree Fahrenheit) and protects car upholstery and interiors from harmful UV radiation

Accordion fold design and nylon loops facilitates ease of compact storage

Reversible with double-thick insulation! Highly durable and will provide years of flawless use!

Measures 49″ x 23″ and includes a pair of suction cups so that the screen will work for any size of windshield.


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