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wonuu 橡胶鸭玩具汽车饰品黄鸭汽车仪表板装饰挤压鸭自行车角带螺旋桨头盔(黑色帽子白色钟形灯)

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(as of Oct 16,2021 23:55:23 UTC – Details)

有趣的橡胶鸭 – 可爱的鸭子配有有趣的头盔、眼镜、项链、绷带、光线和双面胶带、一个特别而独特的自行车铃/汽车装饰来装饰我们的自行车/汽车。
发出吱吱声和乐趣 – 这些橡胶鸭在您挤压它们时会发出吱吱声,它可以作为自行车铃提醒别人,并在驾驶过程中增加一些乐趣。
*和可拉伸的材料 – 由**的硅胶制成,不会对我们造成任何损坏,黄鸭角光滑柔软,灵活,手感*,不易损坏。
注意 – 如果您有任何问题,请随时与我们联系,我们将在 24 小时内回复您


Multipurpose – The duck bike bell can be used not only as a bike, motorcycle bell and a car ornament, but also as a relaxing and pressure-relief toy for adults.
Interesting Rubber Duck – The cute ducks are equipped with funny helmet, eyeglasses, necklace, bandage, light and double sided tape, a special and unique bike bell/car ornament to decorate our bike/car.
Squeak and Fun – These rubber ducks will squeak when you squeeze them, which can be as a bike bell to alert others and add some fun during driving.
Safe and Stretchable Material – Made of safe and non-toxic silica gel without any damage to us, yellow duck horn are smooth, soft, flexible, of super good touching feeling and not easy to be destroyed.
Note – If you have any question, please feel free to contact us, and we will respond to you within 24 hours


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