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XFasten RV 密封修复胶带,防水6英寸(约15.2厘米) x 50英尺(约15.2米)防风雨房车顶橡胶贴片带,用于房车修复、窗户、通风口、船密封和露营车顶泄漏

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Price: ¥427.12
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:31:34 UTC – Details)

The XFasten RV Roof Repair Tape is an industrial-grade and weatherproof RV repair patch tape that resists physical degradation even under elevated temperatures (-60F to 230F) or extreme outdoor conditions. This makes the XFasten RV and Camper Repair Tape easy to manage, manipulate, apply and install- thus empowering AVERAGE AMERICAN RV owners to achieve a PROFESSIONAL finish on their projects- both in looks and functionality.
这款 RV 密封胶胶带可承受极端户外条件:热度 (230F)、紫外线曝光、冷冻(-60F)、灰尘和模制。
高膨胀系数允许露营车维修胶带扩展或收缩,以适应极端的户外温度。 自吸性丁基胶粘剂还可以使用户在安装胶带时进行少量表面准备,并可长期进行永久修复。


Industrial-grade RV Roof Repair Tape that delivers a watertight sealing on RV roof, windows, and vent; shutting off moisture, dust, corrosive chemicals and mold.

This RV Sealant tape withstands extreme outdoor conditions: heat (230F), UV exposure, freezing (-60F), dust, and molding.

Mess-free RV rubber repair tape adhesive delivers a neat finish, EMPOWERING the AVERAGE RV owner with little to NO EXPERIENCE in repair to achieve a PROFESSIONAL-grade repair.

Flexible rubber surface allows the white camper repair tape to curve and flex, enabling repairs not just on flat surfaces, but also on curved corners.

High coefficient of expansion permits the camper repair tape to expand or contract to adjust to extreme outdoor temperatures. Self-priming butyl adhesive also enables users to install the tape with little surface prep and still deliver a long-term to permanent repair.


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