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ZZHXSM 电源转换器 12V 逐步降至 9V 3A 18W 电源模块电子变压器,LED 显示电源

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Price: ¥91.09
(as of Dec 02,2021 16:19:04 UTC – Details)

Size: 1 pack
Input voltage: 12V (8V-23V)
Output power: 18W
Output voltage: 9V
Output current: 2A
Conversion efficiency: 95 percent
Overheating protection
Overvoltage protection
Overcurrent protection
Fully potted waterproof design
Flame-retardant plastic shell
Short circuit protection and automatic recovery
Dimensions: 1.82 x 1.04 x 0.56 inches

The package includes:
1 x DC/DC converter 12V step-down to 9V 2A 18W power module (new version)
输入电压:12V(8V-23V) 输出电压:9V 输出电流:3A(*大)
可用于行车记录仪、汽车导航、汽车音频收音机、巴士 LED 显示屏、出租车LED 屏幕等。


All epoxy sealed containers with waterproof casing; non-isolated

Input voltage: 12V (8V-23V) output voltage: 9V output current: 3A (maximum)

Maximum power consumption: 18W

High efficiency: more than 96 percent; reliable, low heat dissipation, with overload/overcurrent/overheating/short circuit protection

Can be used for driving recorder, car navigation, car audio radio, bus LED display, taxi LED screen, etc.


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